Give amber portraits for special events

An amber picture can be a gorgeous and original gift for any significant date. But ordering an amber portrait means making a memorable gift for many years to come.

A beautiful portrait is one of the most difficult types of art, because an artist must be so talented as a professional not only to accurately convey facial features, but also to capture character and mood posing. At the same time, you will never be surprised by the usual portrait, while amber products made of shining stones and amber crumbs are original and beautiful works of art that will preserve the image of a dear person for decades.

Family portraits are a wonderful inheritance

An amber portrait is a good gift for a birthday, a new home, an angel’s day, a job appointment, a New Year, Christmas or Easter. In love couple can give them a joint image on the day of marriage, parents will be appropriate to hand amber portrait for a silver or gold wedding, a friend will please copies of his idol – singer or athlete, girlfriend – portrait of a favorite actress and more.

Amber panels in the form of family portraits are also very popular nowadays, since such products made of “sun stone” will retain their attractive original appearance for a long time, will not dim and change the expressiveness of colors. Amber family portraits can be passed on to generations from generation to generation.

The portrait painter should carefully study the features of the body or facial features of the person he is portraying. A beautiful portrait that is as close to the original as possible will always attract attention and look real in the interior.

The panel on the wall in the form of a portrait is made in a special technique. This is a wonderful combination of painting with mosaic and applique. Amber crumbs play colorful, shimmer in the sunlight, mosaic and applique relief make the image voluminous, and the image itself vibrant and vibrant, pleasant to perceive. Thanks to the portrait genre, the artist demonstrates an amazing technique by which crumbs amber of different colors and shades convey remarkable resemblance, the stone shimmers and comes to life. So, a portrait made of amber is not just a picture. All amber paintings are endowed with a “sunshine”. And yet they retain the warmth of the author’s hands. Amber portraits are very solemn, so they are often given to distinguished guests at official events.

Fill out the contact form and attach the image you want to paint with amber. We will prepare it for work, we will contact you and agree on everything.

It is very important that the portrait looks attractive, retains clarity, expressiveness, does not distort facial features and does not lose resemblance to the original. Amber paintings have such a special feature that is why they are so popular and valuable. Such a gift will especially surprise fans. In addition to the durability and variety of color shades, amber is also known for its healing, beneficial properties. And if in ancient times this stone was used as a talisman and amulet, today the portrait made from amber will also bring harmony, happiness and prosperity to the house.

Previously, the term “portrait” was interpreted as an image of any object, there was no human attachment. In the XIII century. the portrait was called the image of both humans and animals. As early as the seventeenth century. the word portrait was used as a synonym for a picture, meaning any image. Calling a portrait of the image of man first proposed by Andre Felibien, he drew a line between the animal world and man in painting. The portrait is considered to be an image written by a specific person. The image of Jesus Christ, for example, cannot be portrayed in a portrait painting – it is unknown how he looked in life. Over the centuries, this genre has evolved. Portraits work not only in the realism genre, the paintings are created in the styles of surrealism, cubism, modernism, pop art and others. It is believed that portrait painting is in decline causing a personality crisis. However, the picture of this genre remains a great gift and decoration for the house. We are engaged in the production of custom portraits from amber, so that you can get a complete picture with a portrait of any person close to you.