First of all, the amber stone is not strictly speaking a stone at all but is a fossilized resin. Beautiful jewellery made from it resembles gemstones, so it is sold as a gem stone. It is nature’s time capsule. Furthermore, this fossilized tree resin contains remnants of life on earth millions of years ago. Besides organic gems are the products of living or once-living organisms and biological processes. So amber stone is a fossil resin of 37-70 million years old pines, firs or bald cypresses which due to a process of fossilization lost most of its volatile organic compounds. In other words, it is fully suitable for the jewellery industry.
Most of scientists and collectors treasure amber that contains suspended animal or plant fragments. In addition, these fossilized bits of once-living things were trapped in the hardening amber and create a fascinating time capsule.
The colour range of natural amber is relatively rich. There are about 200 – 400 shades of amber gemstone and the spectrum of colours – yellow and orange. The colour of amber (from yellow to milky white) gives the impression of gold in humans from the earliest times till the present day. Thanks to the warm tones of amber and its ability to radiate warm light, the gem is popularly known as the stone of the sun.
Finally, the main amber gemstone value is its beauty. You can use this gemstone for a variety of jewellery works with its unique texture, size and diversity of forms. Therefore, people always made jewellery from amber, used it in the design of interiors and incrustation. Amber is the source of creative power, steadfast faith and boundless optimism. Sunstone may endue his owner with the power of the cheerful spirit, brings good luck and maintains good health. The magic of the amber stone in the hands of artists becomes a work of art. It is the secret that fascinates and turns our products into something more.

All our items are exclusively hand-crafted and made of unique, non-identical and non-repeated amber stones. Our craftsmen will do their best to make your order as perfect as possible, but the products may have a barely noticeable difference from the ones that you can see on our website. The high quality of our special handmade goods makes them stand out from the factory manufactured products. Our masters put their heart and soul into all amber handiworks. They can help you successfully implement all your fresh ideas and live out all your creative dreams. We would be happy to meet your expectations!

Gifts and souvenirs made of amber are a great opportunity to express your feelings towards relatives and friends. Amber pictures certainly strike a deep chord in the heart of art lovers, while the amber icons will be a valuable present for lovers of the eternal. Here you can order a portrait of amber for a loved one that will fill your relationship with warmth and tenderness. Delightful amber jewellery will impress people around you.

Do you think about what to present for your beloved one? Pendants, bracelets, brooches, amber beads, earrings, rings and much more will emphasize the importance of the special woman in your life.

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Amber souvenirs will leave unforgettable memories of a birthday or a New Year’s Eve to a happy owner. Amber vases are an excellent gift and decoration of any home, have original sophistication and look very luxurious in any interior.

In addition to the products represented on our website, we will be happy to carry out individual orders. One of the most popular individual orders is a custom-made portrait which can be presented to your relatives, friends or business partners. Such a gift is the most original, uncommon and unique.

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